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Top 7 Best Lap Steel Guitar In 2021 Reviews

Many musicians choose the guitar as their primary instrument because of its simplicity and versatility. One of the most popular kinds of guitar is the lap steel guitar. This guitar is a special type of guitar that is made from steel and is usually played on the performer’s lap in a horizontal position. Since the lap steel guitar is a popular kind of guitar for musicians, there is an overwhelming variety available on the market. So, when you go out to buy the best lap steel guitar for rock or the best lap steel guitar for blues, you may be hard-pressed to find that. To help you in making the right decision, we have prepared a buying guide and top 7 best lap steel guitar reviews.

Best Lap Steel Guitar reviews

Top 7 Best Lap Steel Guitar On The Market 2021 Reviews

ProductWeightConstructionScale Size
8 lbs
Scale Size
25 inches
10.27 lbs
Swamp Ash
Scale Size
22 ¾ inches
10.2 lbs
Scale Size
21 inches
7 lbs
Scale Size
22 ¾ inches
10.25 lbs
Scale Size
22.5 inches
11.1 lbs
Scale Size
22.5 inches
7 lbs
Poplar wood
Scale Size
22 ¾ inches

1 2021 Asher Lap Steel Guitar

One of the major features on the Asher Lap Steel Guitar is the flawless construction. The frame of the lap steel guitar is solid mahogany. The guitar features a neck-through-body construction which you will find on most guitars as well. This construction on the guitar gives the sound that it produces immense resonance and it is able to maintain that sound for a longer time as well.

The strings on the Asher Guitars Electro Hawaiian Lap Steel Guitar also boast a wider string placement for better playability. You can easily play the tunes and chords you want without having to mix the strings up.

This lap steel guitar also comes equipped with high output humbuckers that allow you to flawlessly produce the sound you want from the guitars. There are also master volume and master tone controls to control the sound that is produced. These components give you much more control and power over the kind of sound the guitar will produce for you. A light toggle switch on the guitar provides you the ability to switch between the power, sound, and control options.

Along with all of these features, this lap steel guitar additionally comes with a gig bag along with a padded carry strap to keep your lap steel guitar in one place. This gig bag also features a special accessories compartment for all your bars and picks.

All in all, we would say that the 2021 Asher Lap Steel Guitar is the best lap steel guitar for beginners because of the ease of use and several control options available. The manufacturers were extremely careful to keep in mind that beginners may also be using it so they designed it accordingly.

2019 Asher Lap Steel Guitar
Our rating:5 out of 5 stars (5 / 5)


  • Solid steel construction
  • Impressive mahogany finish
  • Wider string placement offers better playability
  • Comes with a gig bag
  • Great for beginners as well as people well-acquainted
  • 3-way toggle switch


  • It does not come with any kind of warranty

2  SX NA Electric Lap Steel Guitar

The SX Lap 2 Ash NA Electric Steel Guitar belongs to one of the best lap steel guitar brands. This guitar prides itself on the ease of use and the construction. The lap steel guitar is made from American Swamp Ash which gives it a lot of strength and durability. While testing this product out, we found that the guitar did not even dent when we applied some pressure on it. The fretboard is made from maple which gives a vibrant look and increased flexibility.

This lap steel guitar also features premium diecast controls. For a lap steel guitar in this range, you will not find any other guitar that gives you premium diecast controls. It features a diecast chrome tuner, volume, and even tone controls. They do not rust at all and they do not get detached even after you apply considerable pressure on them.

Other than this, the lap steel guitar’s string placement is not the way we like it, but it would work for some people. The guitar strings are 3/8 inches apart. We feel that this is not ideal for people who are not well-acquainted with the lap steel guitar.

And not only this, the smaller string spacing rules out people with larger hands or chubby fingers. If you’re a beginner who does not have thick fingers, you can try this out, definitely.

The SX Lap 2 Ash NA Electric Steel Guitar comes with a free detachable lap steel stand which means that you can put it in your living room on display. The stand keeps the guitar in a slanted position so that it doesn’t fall off easily. This is great for when you have kids or pets inside the house.

SX NA Electric Lap Steel Guitar
Our rating:4.4 out of 5 stars (4.4 / 5)


  • Strong metal frame
  • Full-size lap steel guitar
  • Free detachable lap steel stand included
  • Maple fretboard for added flexibility
  • Diecast control options
  • Great for experienced individuals


  • String space is too low

3 Rogue Lap Guitar

The Rogue Lap Steel Guitar is one of the most versatile lap guitars present on the market today. The construction and string spacing allow you to play Hawaiian, classic country, and blues tunes on the guitar. This makes it one of the best lap steel guitars under 200 as it can accommodate a variety of genres.

This lap steel guitar also features a Hardwood body with a Hardwood neck that makes it practically invincible to all kinds of dents. This durable guitar can withstand any kind of pressure that you may put on it. When we tested it out, we found that this lap steel guitar is more durable than the other 2 guitars present on the list of top picks.

This RLS-1 Steel Guitar also features a single-coil pickup, position markers, and also chromes controls. Moreover, the volume and tone control notches and sliders present on this lap steel guitar are made from premium chrome. These sliders give it a much more premium look and do not allow stains or rust over time. The pickguard is also made from stainless steel so you can rest assured that it will not grow rust of any kind.

Rogue Lap Guitar
Our rating:3.9 out of 5 stars (3.9 / 5)


  • Body and neck made from solid hardwood
  • Durable yet flexible
  • Chrome controls
  • Pickguard made from stainless steel
  • Does not catch rust easily
  • Includes a gig bag and a stand
  • Versatile tunes


  • It does not come with warranty protection.

4 SX 3 Black Lap Guitar

SX Lap 3 Black Lap Steel Guitar is a beautiful looking guitar which has a different design. The black color is very classy looking. This guitar is ideal for those who are beginners as it is very user-friendly. A new player will immediately feel comfortable in holding the guitar due to its neck-through design. This design helps the player learn comfortably.

Even though it looks small, it is a full-size guitar with 36 Frets. The functioning knobs are easy to manipulate. They help you in modulating the volume and tone of the guitar. The length of the guitar is 33 1/8” and the thickness is 1 1/16”. The string size range is .011, 0.15, .22, .029, .036 and .052.

For a seasoned player, this guitar is useful too. You can easily make a melody by fixing the tone accordingly. The guitar comes with a glass bar so for those excited to open the package can start playing as they receive the guitar.

Furthermore, to make your life easier, the guitar comes with a high-quality carry bag for free. The mobility isn’t an option with such a bag so you may carry your guitar wherever you please. The guitar only weighs 7 pounds; therefore, you may slide the bag onto your shoulder and carry it with ease.

This guitar is perfect for you if you indulge in all the genres which include Rock music, Blues, Country music, etc. Strum to your heart’s desire and compose music with this fine instrument. The guitar has a trendy look and the design will make you want to use it every day.

SX 3 Black Lap Guitar
Our rating:4.1 out of 5 stars (4.1 / 5)


  • Comes with a carry bag
  • Lightweight and easy to carry
  • Perfect for beginners
  • Designed as a user-friendly product


  • Available in only one color-way
  • The strings may need changing after a short while.

5 Vorson LT-230-8 Lap Steel Guitar

This guitar has a beautiful design and a distinct shape. It is available in three color-ways; red, vintage sunburst and transparent blue quilt. This guitar has a full range of professional quality 8 strings. You may play it on stage or in your studio as it lets you play a full range of cords. You may experiment with several inversions.

Moreover, this guitar has a 30 fret neck which is made of rosewood. Its body is made of solid mahogany. This maple top and the headstock match perfectly.

It has an 8 string Master 100 pickup coupled with an EQ custom design. The expanded range is supported by Vorson’s VSY-3+ Tone/Active Electronics. The strings are not overcrowded because of everything in this guitar designed for an 8 string system. It is not a 6 string converted lap steel.

The neck width is 3” at the nut up to 3 3/8” at the high frets. The neck also doesn’t have a plastic overlay; therefore, giving it excellent built quality. For those who prefer a 6 string system, the option of missing out 2 strings is there. The neck is fully customizable. The guitar has 4 knobs each with a function like a tone, volume, EQ, etc.

This guitar weighs only 10.25 lbs; therefore, it is very light and easy to carry around. It is 37” long. The accessories that come with this guitar include a tone bar, a power cable and a high-quality fully padded premium bag. For those who know how to play a 6 string guitar, you will feel at ease with this 8 string guitar because it is a smooth transition from 6 strings to 8 string system. Those who are new learners will also find this guitar very easy to use.

Vorson LT-230-8 Lap Steel Guitar
Our rating:4 out of 5 stars (4 / 5)


  • It has a distinct design
  • This guitar is available in 3 color-ways
  • Versatile with an 8 string system
  • Quality of sound produced is high


  • Lacks a manual for the knobs
  • Might be tricky to figure out for beginners

6 Vinson FLSL-201 Lap Guitar Pack

This guitar has especially been made for professional and seasoned players. The craftsmanship of this product is superb. It has a traditional guitar shape and is available in two color-ways; Vintage Sunburst and Cherry Sunburst. The body has been crafted out of basswood and the top is quilted maple.

The length of this guitar is about 22.5-inches which is very convenient when held to play. It uses 2 fp-90 pickups for the best sound quality. For pickup switching, the guitar has a toggle button in the front. This means you will be able to switch to live with just an easy press of a button.

Furthermore, the fretboard is made out of rosewood and has a mahogany neck with dot inlays. This guitar uses a VSY-01 Active Sound System which has a volume, bass and treble control. It is powered by a 9V power which is also included for the user’s convenience. The guitar weighs 11.1 lbs and is 39-inches long.

Vinson FLSL-201 Lap Guitar Pack
Our rating:3.7 out of 5 stars (3.7 / 5)


  • Available in two colorways.
  • It has a traditional design and a vintage look.
  • Quick customer support.


  • Might have minor manufacturing flaws.
  • Needs a battery to activate the pickups.

7 Morrell Pro Series 8-String Lap Guitar

This guitar has a beautiful surface design in red and white. It gives a transparent red look. At first glance, you will be able to tell how beautiful the craftsmanship is. It is able to meet the highest quality standards as well. It is perfect for playing country music. If you are a beginner this guitar is perfect for you.

This guitar has an 8 string system. It contains a 3 Octave Fretboard. This guitar has a volume and tone control knobs. It gives a warm single-coil tone. It is extremely versatile i.e. you will be able to play different tones and styles.

The maple body allows a wider range of volume projection. It has an upward-facing tuner system and a slotted headstock. This guitar has a solid construction. The guitar stands tall at a length of 31 ¼-inches.

Morrell Pro Series 8-String Lap Guitar
Our rating:4.5 out of 5 stars (4.5 / 5)


  • The Kent Armstrong Stinger 7 single-coil pickup provides versatility.
  • A version is available for left-handed folks.
  • The Volume and tone controller is available on the font for easy use.
  • It offers a wide range of tones.


  • Available in one color-way.

Best Lap Steel Guitar Buying guide

When venturing out to buy the perfect lap steel guitar for yourself, here are a few things you should keep in mind:

  • Quality of material used

One of the most important things to keep in mind is to evaluate the quality of the materials used in making that particular lap steel guitar. We would recommend hardwood guitars as they offer much more durability and last longer than most other guitars.

Additionally, we would recommend the maple guitars as they have much more flexibility and versatility. You will have a better time if you get the maple guitar because of their flexibility.

  • Action and comfort

Comfort and action are other important factors that you must take care of. We would highly recommend you to buy the lap steel guitars in person. Why do you ask? This is because when you get the guitar in person, you will be able to test it out and figure out if it is comfortable for you or not. Make sure to check the comfort level and the kind of ergonomic features that it provides.

  • Size

2019 Asher Guitars

The size of the lap steel guitars depends on the kind of experience you want to have and the kind of experience you already have. If you’re an absolute beginner, we would recommend you to look at a smaller size because they are easier to handle and easier to play. With full-sized lap steel guitars, sometimes, even professionals struggle.

  • Tone and sustain

It is imperative that you pick out the lap steel guitar that speaks to your kind of music or the kind of music you want to play. Remember that not all lap steel guitars will sound the same. For example, jazz lap guitars will look and sound much different than blues guitars. Make sure to read the labels and do your research before buying a lap steel guitar.

  • Playability

The playability of the lap steel guitars greatly affects what your relationship with the guitar is going to be like. If you pick a guitar that is not easy to play, you will not have a very good time churning out tunes.

  • Electronics

Joe Morrell Pro Series Poplar Body 8-String Lap Steel Guitar

Most lap steel guitars come with built-in volume and tone controls so that they can produce the sound that you want. Whenever you’re looking for new lap steel guitars, make sure that the electronics on the guitar are top-notch and in working condition.

  • Pickup

For a good lap steel guitar, the pickup on the guitar should be excellent so that it can produce the kind of music that you want. You should properly go through specs and figure out if the pickup is the one that you’re looking for.

Wrap up

Considering all the reviews and products we listed above, we have decided to name the 2019 Asher Lap Steel Guitar as the best lap steel guitar. It is very versatile and offers a lot of durability and it is also the best in terms of sound and construction quality.

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