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Roland F-140R – Digital Piano Review & Buying Guide

The piano is one of the many different instruments used to create soul-fulfilling music. These pianos can be digital or electric, grand or upright. They include a different number of notes and sounds.

Roland F-140R

You need to find the one which is most suitable for you. If that’s the case you don’t need to look any further, as we have an amazing piano in the form of Roland F-140R. We will provide you with a Roland F-140R review.

This review includes all its specifications, features, pros and cons so you can decide if this is the one for you.

Roland F-140R
Our rating:4.4 out of 5 stars (4.4 / 5)


If you are busy and do not have a lot of time to spare than here is a quick summary of Roland F-140R. This piano is affordable and it can be put in small spaces due to its compact size. There is no need for large rooms for its placement.

This piano gives you the feel and response of a grand acoustic piano. The tones and rhythms are rich and authentic. It also has built-in speakers and headphones that provide an effect of 3D ambiance.

Plus it has an onboard rhythm that sophisticated. It is also aligned with intelligent accompaniment. Because of the intelligent accompaniment, the rhythms are easy to use. This backing automatically follows the chord you are playing. This includes a total of 72 rhythm styles.

That’s not all; it also has 305 more tones which include electric piano and strings and many more. Then there is the availability of Bluetooth technology. This is for connecting to smartphones and tablets.

Furthermore, it has a keyboard of PHA-4 standard which has a high resolution. It also maximizes the tonal potential of the piano. The keyboard has an ivory feel texture that is found only in high-end pianos and not any random ones.

Design And Build

This Roland model is designed using the leading technologies of the industry. this is being done to provide the best sound experience one could think of. It is stylish with its black color. It has a strong build not damaged. The design and build make it easy to move around with needing too many people. There is no hassle involved with this piano.

It is affordable and can easily be adjusted in smaller living spaces. This means that it does not cover a lot of area and can be put anywhere according to convenience.

It does not just come in contemporary black but also white color. This makes it look very elegant. It is designed in such a way that it is easy to assemble.

Roland F-140R Review

This Roland F-140R review consists of features and specifications present in this piano. Roland is filled with technology that is both useful and affordable.

This technology is designed by the leader of the musical instruments market. So there is no doubt about the quality of this piano. It has the standard 88 keys in its keyboard.

It is a digital piano that is built while keeping in mind the modern life of people. That is the reason it is compact because people nowadays don’t like products that are huge or carry a lot of space.


  • Bluetooth connectivity for using music apps.
  • USB ports for connection.
  • Onboard recording.
  • Contemporary and compact design.
  • Takes small space in a room.
  • Built-in stereo speakers.
  • Progressive hammer action standard in its keyboard.
  • Headphones provide a 3D ambiance effect.
  • Full 88 keys in its keyboard.
  • 305 tones.
  • This piano has 72 different rhythm styles.

Size And Design

This digital piano gives a contemporary look and is compact in size so it doesn’t carry much space. You can easily adjust it to your apartment if you don’t have a full-fledged house. This piano provides you with authentic, real and natural tones. The ones you would expect a grand acoustic piano to give.

Progressive Hammer aAction Standard Keyboard

The best part about this Roland F-140R is that it has a PHA-4 standard keyboard. This progressive hammer action tries to imitate the real piano’s graded feel. This feature makes it a great choice as it gives a natural feeling while playing.

This keyboard has high-resolution sensing. This sensing maximizes the sound engine’s tonal potential. This gives you a loud, clear and natural sound.

Onboard Rhythms

Another feature of Roland is the onboard rhythm. This is very sophisticated and produces a total of 72 different rhythm styles. These 72 rhythms also include 6 styles of pianists. This makes Roland F-140R some of the best digital pianos out there in the market.

Variety Of Tones

Another feature that differentiates it from others of its kind is its variety of notes. Most pianos have 256 notes of polyphony. But this particular model of Roland consists of 305 extra tones.

These tones include electric pianos, strings, guitar, brass, organs, and a lot of others. This is particularly great for beginners.

Multi-dimensional Sound Experience

The headphones provide an ambiance 3D effect. This effect lets you experience multi-dimensional sounds. This happens when you are using headphones for the purpose of practicing privately.

Moreover, you can connect to your favorite songs through a smartphone or tablet. This is possible because Roland has Bluetooth technology. This allows Roland to wirelessly turn the sheet pages of music.

Built-in Speaker System

That’s not all; the Roland F-140R has a built-in stereo in its speakers. This provides not just rich sound but also clear and full. These are a lot of pianos out there that do not have built-in speakers.

So in order to have a good sound experience you have to use headphones. But headphones can be tiring when you are practicing for long hours. That’s why these built-in speakers are a real blessing.

Roland Compact 88-key Digital Piano

Intelligent Accompaniment

Plus the onboard rhythm accompaniments provide you control of the backing band. This allows the piano to automatically go after the cords you played.

Now you can easily play music and practice it because of the amazing mechanism of backing. These rhythms help you cover a large variety of genres of music and build your skills of timing.

Connection Or Access To Computers

Furthermore, Roland can also help you in improving your sound and composition. This is done with the help of an onboard recording. Plus it has a USB port for allowing you to connect to your computer to get unlimited access to music. The way of learning music on pianos is changing because of smartphones and tablets.

Now you can easily order from an online store your music scores like Sheet direct music. Or you can take another approach that is more advanced. The Roland F-140R is the right fit for all your needs and requirements.


It has a weight of 76.1 pounds which is less when compared to other pianos that weigh as much 150 pounds. Moreover, it is easy to carry around and shift to different places.

If it had a weight of 100 or 150 pounds you would definitely need assistance to move it. You would even have to spend money when you are changing apartments and have to move the piano.


  • Bluetooth connectivity and has a USB port.
  • Headphones provide a multi-dimensional sound experience.
  • The PHA-4 keyboard provides sensing of high resolution.
  • It gives real, authentic and natural sound.
  • Tones similar to those of an acoustic piano.


  • It does not come with a bench.


After analyzing all the features and weighing all the pros and cons in the Roland F-140R review, we have come to the conclusion that this piano is a great musical instrument in every way.

From its technology, various tones, built-in speakers, PHA-4 keyboard and numerous other aspects. The only drawback or con we could find is that it does not come with a bench, which is not that big of a problem. This actually allows you to select a bench of your choice that matches with the rest of the room and furniture.


In the Roland F-140R review you can see that the piano performs exceptionally well. It produces sounds that resemble the ones produced by a grand acoustic piano. The sounds are real, natural and clear. The tone of the piano is rich and authentic which makes it all the more desirable.

Plus it has 72 different rhythm styles that include 6 styles of pianists. These many rhythms make this Roland piano great for performing all kinds of songs. It will also help you mix different tones and rhythms and make a different piece.

Compatibility With Smart Devices

This is a very compatible piano not just with a computer. It is also compatible with smartphones and Bluetooth devices. This piano has it all. With the help of this Bluetooth technology, you will be able to connect to your smartphone or tablet.

In addition to that, this Bluetooth technology enables you to turn the pages of music sheets. This feature makes it very unique as it is not available in a lot of pianos.

Should I Buy It?

Now comes the question that almost everyone asks after reading a product’s review. Whether you should buy it or not?

This Roland piano has a load of features that will give you a great experience of playing and making music. So if you are asking our opinion you should definitely give this piano a chance and it won’t let you down.

It has various numbers of tones and styles which you can mix and match. Then there is its compact size and low weight which makes it easy to shift. On top of that, it has headphones that have a 3D ambiance.

Roland F-140R Digital Piano
Photo by ROLAND Germany

That’s not all; this piano has a keyboard of PHA-4 standard which has high-resolution. Plus this supernatural piano gives you a tone that is both rich and authentic just like a grand piano. All these features make it a great piano and you should give this one a chance.


Roland F-140R is the best option among the lot in the market. If you are looking for something that is compact and gives you the feel of a grand acoustic piano, this piano is for you. There are many other models available in this price range but this is the only one with the most features. This Roland model has all these features and more. It has 72 different rhythm styles and a PHA-4 keyboard. That is why it is the best one.

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