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Yamaha YDPS54B Review

Music can achieve much more than just calming the senses. It can inspire, empower and refresh the person that plays it as well as the person that hears it. Whether you’re an experienced hand or someone just discovering the delights of music you need the right instrument.

YamahaYDPS54B Review

And if you’re looking for a piano then we have just the right one to recommend! The Yamaha YDPS54B Digital console piano from their Arius series is a marvel to behold. This instrument combines Yamaha’s expertise with the latest technology.

Now if you’re interested in the sleek and modern finish with beautiful resounding sound then keep reading. This review will break down each of the features on this console piano in detail.

Yamaha YDPS54B
Our rating:5 out of 5 stars (5 / 5)


If you’re in a hurry, this section is meant for you. We have summarized our whole review here to help you out. It’s quite possible that even as you’re reading, you’re comparing this digital piano to “real pianos”.

Yamaha YDPS54B - 1

This Yamaha piano is sleek and graceful. You can easily set it up even in small spaces. Further, the synthetic ebony keys come with a special coating of matte black for extra protection.

If you’re looking for a slim digital piano that would deliver excellent performance and match your interior then this is it!

Design And Build

We want to start by addressing the fact that the level of detail on this digital console ensures that it is as real as it can get! But most importantly, it does not include some of the more troubling features of a grand piano (read “real”).

First of all, it is not as heavy or as massive as a grand piano would be. This piano measure 53.3″x15.9″x31.2″ and comes in minimalist design. The entire body of this piano is a black walnut that is polished to perfection.

The shape is sleek and elegant, allowing you to set it up wherever convenient. One of the biggest concerns with old-fashioned pianos is that they are difficult to move.

Not only that but large pianos are difficult to accommodate to your previous settings. Everything needs to be moved out of the way!

However, the Yamaha digital piano takes up a minimum of space and can be easily moved around. On top of which the stylish design serves to complement most surroundings and furnishings. This digital piano is especially convenient for someone that doesn’t have a lot of space to spare.

Yamaha YDPS54B Review

Yamaha is the name to beat when it comes to high-end musical instruments. This piano has spent years perfecting its products to create a worldwide reputation. One thing is for sure, is that everyone knows to expect quality where Yamaha and digital pianos are concerned.

This digital piano from Yamaha is no exception to this expectation. This piano has the reliability of Yamaha digital pianos while including some innovative features.

And you’re about to learn all about them!


  • Sleek black walnut stand
  • Three sturdy pedals
  • 88 synthetic ebony and ivory keys
  • Built-in audio jack and speakers
  • A matt finish on the black keys
  • Controlled remotely via Smart Pianist App

Artfully created keys

Another thing people seem to have a problem with when it comes to digital pianos is the weight in keys. People familiar with keyboards are familiar with the annoyance certain synthetic keys can cause. You can feel the keys sticking to your fingertips seconds longer then you would like.

Thankfully this isn’t a problem on the S54B digital piano from Yamaha. The GHS weighted action is stable and heavier in the low notes while the high notes are lighter. This feature was included, of course, to match the sound of acoustic pianos.

The outer synthetic covering is designed to absorb excess moisture without so as not to disturb your performance. These keys remain tactile even after a continuous period of use without getting slippery.

Powerful built-in speakers

This digital piano is perfect for both entertaining company and private practice. You will find that this digital piano comes with an audio-jack built-in where you can plug in your headphones.

You play your favorite songs or practice beloved symphonies over and over without disturbing anyone. This feature is also useful for someone just beginning to play the piano as you can very clearly hear each note.

That’s not all of course! What’s the point of placing your piano in the living area if you didn’t plan to play it for the company? And if that is something you would like to do then you will appreciate the sound quality on this digital piano.

This digital piano comes with powerful built-in speakers that relay each note perfectly. The CFX sampling reproduces the tone of Yamaha’s classic CFX concert grand piano.

Sturdy Pedals

This digital piano comes with three pedals built into the stand allowing comfortable access. These pedals are easy to use but more importantly produce beautiful resonating sound.

You might be tempted to think that digital pianos just can’t match the tone and resonance of a classical piano. Yet again you might be jumping the gun because this digital piano has a secret weapon! What do we mean by this? Read on and we’ll explain.

The depth intones in pianos is created by pedals to lengthen or sustaining certain notes. You would have noticed that some notes seem to flow on and on endlessly while the other simply floated away. This is caused by the pedals that sustain these notes by lifting all of the dampers off strings.

As we mentioned before this digital piano is an exception when it comes to producing resonant sound. This is because the pedals on this digital piano are sturdy and extremely responsive.

The half-damper pedal control allows you to sustain notes continuously for longer amounts. This means a note rings out for longer and you can control exactly how long.

Superb Controls

As you can already tell this digital piano features smart controls that are easy to use. You can adjust not only the volume of your songs but also the depth of your notes. But that’s not even the best part!

This digital piano comes with a Smart Pianist App that gives you complete control over the major functions of your piano. If you’re a perfectionist then you will appreciate this feature!

You can keep a track of your playing and create pieces exactly to your liking. This app makes adjusting to sound and volume that much easier especially if you’re listening closely using headphones.

On top of this, this app studies your favorite songs right off your music library using chord tracker technology. This feature is convenient for anyone wanting to plan to learn all of their favorite songs. The Yamaha digital piano will analyze the songs you want to practice to help you as much as possible.


  • The matte coating absorbs moisture so that the keys remain tactile
  • Most of the controls on this digital piano can be adjusted with the Smart Pianist App
  • The Smart Pianist App studies songs right off your music library
  • Built-in speakers that produce a beautiful sound
  • Half-damper controls that deliver greater sustain


  • It does not come with accessories such as headphones
  • You will have a get a bench separately that matches your piano


If you’re looking for a powerful piano that would fit into your living space then look no further. The Yamaha S54B comes with a host of features not to mention an impeccable build. This piano would require your minimum attention when it comes to maintenance. On top of which you will have yourself a convenient to transport the piano.


This Yamaha digital piano has been designed to imitate the exact sound of classic pianos. You can judge the quality by yourself when you test out each of the 88 keys that ring out effortlessly. The keys are easy to maneuver and produce crisp sound when they are depressed.

These synthetic keys are coated with a protective layer that absorbs moisture and prevents any damage. You don’t have to worry about the keys sticking to your fingers for longer amounts of time than usual.

The pedals, as mentioned before, sustain notes for longer and create beautiful echoing sound. The Smart Pianist App makes learning and studying music so much easier as it learns the music before you. The technological innovations make this digital piano a worthwhile purchase.

No Included Accessories

Okay, we admit it might be kind of annoying trying to find a bench to match your piano or other compatible headphones. Such accessories are usually available with a piano and not something you have to manage by yourself.

But Is The Piano  Still Worth It?

So, the digital piano does not come with compatible accessories. The question is, is the piano worth the trouble of getting these accessories yourself?

We know that we would much rather prefer to have all of our requirements shipped out to us in a single package without having to ask. But realistically adjusting our requirements isn’t that hard especially if something we want is worth it. If you ask us, this digital piano from Yamaha is worth it.

The stand is an attractive black walnut that is stylish as well as functional. This piano comes in a sleek and compact design that means that it requires minimum space. You don’t have to assemble a dozen people just to get the right angle or worry about it if you’re moving out.

Yamaha YDPS54B Arius Series Slim Digital Console Piano, Black

Additionally, this digital piano features sturdy keys that are very responsive to the touch. The built-in speakers deliver the notes loud and clear.


That was our review of the Yamaha digital piano S54B from the Arius series. This piano includes all of the best that Yamaha has to offer while managing to surprise us.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a master or an amateur because this piano will perform well under any hand. The keys and the pedals come together to produce a beautiful and clear sound.

We hope this review was useful in providing you with all of the information you needed.


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